Francis Ford Coppola: 'Apocalypse Now not an anti-war filM

Kevin EG Perry of the Guardian catches up with Francis Ford Coppola. "Forty years since its first release, the director has been reworking his masterpiece for a definitive edition. How does he view his film – and the madness of its making – after all these years? "

Coppola Redux: 40 Years Later Nagra and ‘Apocalypse Now’

Jim Amos of Forbes discusses NAGRA Kudelski Group's 40 year history with Apocalypse Now.

" Through all of these challenges, the film became an iconic reflection of the horror of war and to mark its 40th anniversary, Apocalypse Now: Final Cut returns to cinemas through the Swiss company NAGRA's MyCinema distribution platform. What is especially noteworthy about NAGRA handling the release of the film is that the company's portable audio recording devices, which was the company entry into Hollywood in the 1960s, were used by Coppola to capture the harrowing sounds of war in the seminal 1979 release. "